should you use a heat protectant when diffusing?+++

I hate to blow dry my hair because it dries it out--granted that was always me blowing it straight prior to flat ironing and I never used the little attachment thing either--but now that I am wearing my hair curly sometimes I don't feel like waiting for it to dry and I MIGHT try to diffuse.

Do you guys use a heat protectant when diffusing, and if so, which one? I don't want to interfere with my other products.

I have a flat iron spray that I could use wet or dry as a heat protectant that is thin enough that it probably wouldn't interact too much with my other products, and I also have a thick serum--but I think that would interact with other products.
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    I don't bother with one, I only diffuse for a short time (though I do it every day) and my hair doesn't seem to complain. I really wouldn't want to add yet another product to my hair.

    If I'm blow-drying it straight I bring out the heavy duty stuff, it's all full of cones.
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    The thing is, the only thing that truly protects your hair from heat styling is silicones, which as we know weigh down and build up on our curls and require regular drying sulfate shampoos.

    That said, I think diffusing your hair with warm air is completely different than directly frying it with hot metal plates (i.e. flat ironing it or curling it with a curling iron), so I don't really think you need to protect your hair from heat if you're just diffusing it as opposed to directly applying hot metal tools onto it.

    I wouldn't worry about it, many CG girls here diffuse with little to no adverse effects on our hair. I've also learned that plopping with a t-shirt significantly cuts down on drying time to the point that I only need to diffuse for 10-20 minutes.
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