My relaxed hair keeps breaking off!

MacchiatoMacchiato Posts: 20Registered Users
Okay im in a process of transitioning,but im having so much trouble controlling my breakage. I did a protien/conditioning treatment a week ago, and i did a dc this week. But nothing is working at all. Is there a product i could buy to stop all this breakage immediatley?


  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Probably not, if it's that damaged.

    Sorry --- I wish I could give you a happier answer. Check the hair type forums; maybe someone there has had a positive treatment experience. From what I understand, though, breakage = big chop.

  • MacchiatoMacchiato Posts: 20Registered Users
    my hair isnt damaged at all. Its very healthy and i take care of it everyday so idk think thats the problem...And no i cant do a bc. I just started transitiong and my hair is long eough wher i dont want to cut it all of...
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    One major thing that keeps me from transitioning (my hair is pretty mildy relaxed) is how my hair starts to break and be sooooo hard to comb when I've waited even a LITTLE TOO LONG to go for my relaxer (and I only go four times a year--but sometimes you reach that point where you know you shouldn't have waited one more week)

    Anyway, despite what I assume are quality products, my hair is hard to comb (wet or dry) and I feel it splitting where new growth meets relaxed hair.

    My point is, this may be what is happening to you. I think sometimes new growth and relaxed hair just conflicts. I know that there are products that are supposed to smooth the demarcation between new growth and relaxed hair but I know anything like that will just feel greasy on my hair/scalp (but that's just me)

    If I were ever going to transition, I would have to buy a really pricey wig and shave my head.
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    Sorry to say but, the instant you put any sort of chemicals on your hair, you are damaging your hair.
    I still have about 4-5 inches of hair with relaxed ends in some parts. Let me tell you that there is a difference between fully natural hair that hasn't seen any heat, colour, bleach, or relaxers.

    You can try a mini trim of 1/4" to help you along. Try a moisturizing product such as Curls Souffle, braid your hair with it when your hair is wet, you can then unbraid when completely dry and put your hair in an updo for a couple of days before you do it over again. You want to try and keep it moist and with the least manipulation.
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    Macchiato wrote: »
    Okay im in a process of transitioning,but im having so much trouble controlling my breakage. I did a protien/conditioning treatment a week ago, and i did a dc this week. But nothing is working at all. Is there a product i could buy to stop all this breakage immediatley?

    I'm assuming you're transitioning to relaxer. have you tried keracare conditioning creme? a dab on your finger each night before you go to bed. good stuff

    also how often do you wash your hair (every 4 days is ideal)? do you use a leave in conditioner?
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    When is it breaking? When your detangling wet? When it's dry?

    If it's when your hair is wet try to find the product that gives you the most slip for detangling. Oil rinses are very good giving the hair a slippery feeling. I almost fall in the shower sometimes :-o Just sooth your favoite oil on your hair after you condition or just mix a lot of oil in your regular conditioner and rinse. I use Knot Today and mix some jojoba oil with it for a leave-in and it keeps my hair conditioned and detangled.

    Deep condition at least 2x a week.

    Your hair is going to be most fragile at that line of demarcation - the relaxed hair vs. the natural hair line. It's so different from each other that it breaks if you handle it without extra care.
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    Relaxed hair, especially if it's bone straight compared to the new growth, will break off. It just does. You can slow it down, by being extra careful. Condition all you want, but the two extreme textures don't like each other. The conditioning will help you grow in strong, healthy new hair.

    I transitioned with braids, so I didn't have to deal with actually "seeing" the transition period.
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