Parent of biracial son with several types of curls

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I'm looking for advice on how to determine the best way to care for my son's curly hair. Do I try to determine his hair's porosity, texture and type first? My main issue is how to moisturize his hair.


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    There are many posts on the forum about determining porosity/texture and how to use them to help you choose products/methods to take care of curls. If you can't find those threads at a quick glance that help, please try doing a forum search. That's what I've had to do several times. :farao:

    Also, this site may be helpful to you: It has step by step instructions for taking care of curly hair using the conditioner method where you mostly use conditioner to wash and style curly hair.

    My son has a curly mohawk, so his hair is short. But, it used to be Armpit Length. He has 3 curls patterns on his head, and has an area at the crown that is highly porous. His hair ranges from type 2 to 3b. Some areas get waves, the other tight corkscrews, and towards the back his hair stays str8 basically. So, a short style hides all that best, lol. The main thing I do to keep his hair moisturized is to spray it with Distilled Water + Aloe Vera Juice/Gel and seal that with Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. That is normally done the day after a wash and every other day thereafter until next wash day, but I don't always seal with the oil on those subsequent days to avoid greasiness. I found that I have to do "extra" things to the highly porous areas of my son's head in order to cut down frizz and tangles. Basically it was using a gel over the moisturizer + sealer and also very low manipluation in that area and keeping that area loosely braided at night while he slept. When my son had APL hair I used a modified version of the method on I subbed in products that worked for us and also had to use gel or oil on his highly porous area.
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    How do I search for porosity type and products info?

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