Blowdrying 4b/4c hair?

Babyk005Babyk005 Posts: 205Registered Users
I am going to cosmetology school. I get clients coming in with 4c hair wanting a blow dry. My school really doesn't teach us how to handle this type of hair. I try my best with it but it is always a struggle. Does anyone have any tips? Are there certain brushes or products I should be using?


  • CandiiMamiiCandiiMamii Posts: 118Registered Users
    double-row wide comb attachment. small (2") sections like flat ironing. use a medium size round brush (with teeth not brisles) to pull/tension the hair. blow out the very ends first to break up the curl, then blow from root to tip in a downward direction with the tension. this makes it much easier and faster to flat iron.
  • ViennaCoffeeViennaCoffee Posts: 6Registered Users
    I use a regular brush to straighten my hair with a blowdryer and also sometimes a round brush to smoothen out my hair. :bom:


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