GFTN + GVPCB = wonder twins

i have extremely dry hair that super tangles when dry and stick to heavier conditioners (havent tried AOHSR yet waiting till i finish these off...) but noticed that they felt good immediately after showering but as my hair dried it didnt feel like enough.

i cycle Gio 50:50, Gio SS, GFTN, and GVPCB

long story short i decided to combine 50% of GFTN and 50% of GVPCB and my hair is MUCH SOFTER and doesnt start tangling as soon as it dries.

its like alone theyre awesome but put together and theyre like the wonder twins! :D

just wanted to share my success and was wondering if anyone else had tried combo-ing conditioners for their leave in/rinse out and had similar success?

2 fine-med texture, high porosity, density thick, low elasticity (hard water)

santa barbara, ca! :sunny:

Mod CG: 10/09 growing out damage and years of thinning shear addiction

Low Poo: Gio 50:50, TJTT (1-2x week)
Co-wash/Condish: YTCucumbers, GVP CB, Gio 50:50, GFTN
Products (experimenting): FSG, BRHG, HETT mousse/gel, Bioterra cc, chamomile spritz
PT: GVP JKP DT: Coconut Oil + Yoghurt