Help please - I've got a patch of short hair on my head along with my long hair.

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[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Hi everyone,

I had my BC back in February,
I had been transitioning from relaxed hair to natural with braids and weaves for 10 months.

I cut it myself at home, but I had an area in my scalp the size of a golf ball where the hair was very very short, like half an inch, I think that was due to a previous weave and braids and that area is very sensitive, so it wasn't new.

Anyways, this area is growing healthily now, but so are the other areas of my hair, so now one area looks short and the other looks long. The short area is nearly 2 inches stretched, while the other areas is like 4.5 inches stretched.

Now here it is where the problem lies - this patch is nearly in the crown of my head, and it makes me feel self conscious, and I can't wear twists or box braids with a lovely hairband, because that area is short.

So I was thinking, should I get another BC and start over again, or do I just let it grow and in a couple of months do I cut it all even???

I am also having loads of new growth everywhere in my head as I've been caring for my hair. So my hair may look uneven up close, but far away it looks good.

What should I do?smiley1.gif



  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte

    Okay, has anyone you care about commented that things looks uneven? Have strangers noticed? Are you the kind of person who likes everything to be very neat and even?

    If no to the above, I would let it keep growing, and then do a trim when things are a bit longer. But if it's really troubling you now, go for another bc.


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