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I have been making my own products for a few months now. I made a scalp oil a few months ago to regrow hair along my hairline with Blue Chamomile and Carrott see d oil after reading an article on baldness. I can see a difference after 3 weeks already.

I am now working on a body butter for dry skin. i plan to use Pure natural shea butter and cocoa butter as a base, I may add some coconut and olive oil, i may also add some essential oils to my liking.

I am also thinking of making some bars of soaps as gifts for Easter fro Melt and Pour soap base. I am new to this, I don't know how much oil I can add o the base without making it useless. I would like to add some shea butter and cocoa butter to the soaps. Does anyone have suggestions? I get my supplies at botanistry online. Please feel free to write to me with any suggestions. i have my soap base and don't want to waste it making mistakes.

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