"Do you have a comb?" grrrrrr....

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I have this relative who is in her seventies (not blood related) and today she asked me that question, and if I ever combed my hair. She continued, "it looks like you don't comb your hair, that it is just in ringlets."

I guess for her (and maybe that generation?), in order to look civilized and well-groomed, you've got to comb your curls into an undefined mess?

Has anyone else had this reaction by some one from that generation? Annoying, but I am just chalking it up to their old ways and the hairstyles from decades gone by.
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    Yeah, I used to get that from time to time from my grandmother (has straight hair, as well as my mother). It goes back to the old idea that curls=ethnic, and ethnic=bad. Not to say they meant it that way, most people dont mean it that way, its just thats were the idea that curls are messy and ungroomed comes from.
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    They used to set the hair in tight pincurls, whether it was curly or straight to begin with, wait till it dried, then brush the heck out of it, then comb, and pin it into a coiffure.
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    :( I get very annoyed b/c people seem to think my hair is curly BECAUSE I don't brush it - same w/ frizziness... sometimes I get this: "EWWW! u should really brush your hair!" with that disguisted look... sigh
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    I never have. I think that is so awful and insensitive, especially in regard to such pretty hair!!
    I usually get nice comments, or just none from people who straighten their hair everyday.
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    Wow...people can be sooo rude. *hugs*

    People say stuff like this to me ALL the time. I don't understand this nonsense. :roll:
  • erikaxelectrik7erikaxelectrik7 Posts: 90Registered Users
    I'm biracial(black/white) and my hair is VERY curly and in ringlets, and I was raised by my white grandmother and great grandparents who knew nothing about curly hair, much less biracial hair.

    My grandmother used to always make me take a brush or comb and brush out my curls into a huge, bushy mess..then she'd force me to pull it back into a ponytail because it was "too wild". I wish I would have realize how WRONG she was and that brushing out my hair made it look so bushy.

    Then kids at school would always tease me and talk about how I never brushed my hair. Exuse me, but would you like to see what my hair looks like when I comb it out? Didn't think so.

    I'd like to know how not brushing or combing= curly-ness? Lol. It's like if you have curly hair, you MUST not brush it.

    I'd also like to know why people assume that brushing or combing curly hair will make it straighter or something O.O
  • GirlWithUkuleleGirlWithUkulele Posts: 150Registered Users
    My mom isn't actually that old (about 54), but when she was a kid, they wore pincurls, brushed them out, then 're-set' them. That's what she told me I was supposed to do with my hair when it started curling up earlier this year.

    She even tried this on me for my sixth-grade graduation. I had pincurls in my hair, and she started brushing them out. I started freaking a bit, and she only replied with "That's what they do in salons. They re-set it after, somehow." My hair ended up looking horrible, so I resorted to a high ponytail. And it frizzed. All day. Ugh.

    So when I started trying CG, she said "Shouldn't you brush it, or comb it, or something?" I explained about when and how us curlies do it. Still, just yesterday, she said "You'll end up with dreadlocks if you don't brush it. Make sure you look neat." I had no idea how to reply to that one.
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    People really annoy me sometimes. :disgust:
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  • multicultcurlymulticultcurly Posts: 5,136Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    It's just ignorance. And for the longest time, combing and brushing hair while dry was thought to be the only way to be "neat."

    I also agree with the poster who said it was a way to be less ethnic. At least in America, most people wanted to be as close to WASP as they could because the closer you were, the more legal rights you had as a person.
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    When I was in Miami, everyone in my family would complain about my hair, mostly my dad. He's very old, born in the early 1940's and he was all on my case. First, he was angry that I chopped all of my hair off--second, he complained that I "needed to do something" to my hair. My brother sided with me at the time, but my dad wasn't hearing any of it. I haven't seen him in a year so I don't know whether or not he thinks I look "presentable" now. I'm sure he still wants me to "comb" my hair.

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