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    I think that rule is outdated. If an older woman has extremely dry skin that just doesn't take moisture, then liquid foundation may be preferable. I think mineral foundation looks better on most women though, regardless of age.
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    Older women tend to have drier skin, especially after menopause. Powder accentuates dryness, and dryness accentuates wrinkles.

    So this rule applies if you have both dry skin and wrinkles.
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    i would say that cream would be better for this as at old age skin becomes dry of womens so by applying cream on faces it would be more effective for their skin
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    lazy loops wrote: »
    I read somewhere that when we start showing lines or wrinkles, we should switch to cream or liquid makeup because powder accentuates the 'flaws'.

    Is there any truth to this?

    I've always been afraid of cream blush & eyeshadow. And I was finally getting away from liquid foundation. :confused:

    i love my creme blush (edward bess compact rouge), it is great! i can't say enough good things about his creme blushes! and i also like my cream eyeshadow, estee lauder.

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