moisturizing castile soap low-poo recipe

hi everyone,

I found this online and tried it yesterday. It was AWESOME! i have extremely dry hair that can never get enough moisture, and with this shampoo I DID NOT NEED A CONDITIONER! Me of all people! how cool is that? i believe that this recipe is similar to those by Carol's Daughter or Ebene.
Anyway, I love it, and here it is:

1 cup castile soap ( I used lavendar dr. bronner's)
2 cups water
1/2 cup Olive Oil ( Another, lighter oil can be substituted for those who get weighed down easily, jojoba might be nice)

Shake well, and that's it! It's so nice to have this as an option.
HOWEVER, it's important to remember to do an acid rinse after washing with soap shampoo, to restore the hair's natural acidic PH. I put 3 tablespoons of ACV into a sink full of water, left it in my hair for about a minute, then rinsed it out. My ends were a tad dry after the ACV, but nothing some coconut oil didn't fix :)
BTW, this is the ONLY time I have ever washed my hair (including CO washes) where it did not squeak, amazing!
Have finally figured out I am a 3A! VERY fine strands. CG since 7/05!