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Natural skincare in its essence is free from chemicals, dyes and artificial perfumes which can serve as toxins and irritants. The tricky thing is products that claim to be natural are usually using synthetic versions of proteins and minerals found in nature. So you might be wondering that it’s a daunting task to really find out what product line is natural.
2 ways to determine:
1. Keep in mind that the best way to always find out about any product is to go to the manufacturers website. Honest products will usually have a clear list of ingredients, thus explaining what the active ingredients are and how they will benefit you. If you see any alcohols or perfumes, or funny names that appear incredibly far from nature, then you should be cautious and do further research if purchasing the product at all.
An often obvious indication of alcohols in skincare ingredients is if you feel your skin drying out or becoming slightly irritated. This can be usually experienced in acne products that are alcohol based and typically not healthy in the longterm for your skin. Furthermore, perfumes are also chemically based and some (believe it or not) can have ingredients that can be toxic in large heaping doses. So with this in mind, also be aware that anything that you put onto your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, where if too toxic can eventually lead to havoc in your overall system.
2.) If the company’s website doesn’t answer your question partially or fully, then you can still find out if the products truly all-natural. What you want to do is call the customer service number listed on the product packaging. Companies like Biore, Oil of Olay, or Jergens (reputable companies) will have someone available to answer and/or address any concerns you might have at the time. If this doesn’t work either, try doing a Internet search through Google, Bing, or Yahoo to search for any unsure of ingredients
The tricky part, however, can be with certain proteins such as Keratin…an ingredient on natural skincare products. Many companies can be; in a way, ripping you off, by using a man-made version of keratin. While both Keratins are similar in structure, the man-made one is unrecognizable to the skin, therefore, useless in producing real results…the reason you bought the product for. Always be on the lookout for a patented version of Functional Keratin known as CynergyTK, it uses a method of rendering the Kertain into a version much like human skin, so its close enough to be able to achieve results through reducing wrinkles and promoting skin elasticity and firmness. This might sound like a lot of work, but rest assured it’s not. Any research, whether by phone, or Internet, can be done at home, and once you find a natural skincare line that you firmly believe in, and shows effective/documented results then the work is over.

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