Losing curl with age

whyesywhyesy Posts: 1Registered Users
My oldest inherited my curly hair, or so I thought. She is 9 and the older she gets, the straighter her hair is. I can bring out some wave in it but what happened to the curls? Is this normal for some curlies? Her hair is down past her shoulders right now. I am considering cutting it shorter with some long layers. Her hair also tends to frizz and look unkempt as the day goes by. My two younger daughters (4 & 6) have some waves but their hair is also much smoother.


  • nomilknoglutennomilknogluten Posts: 121Registered Users
    Sounds normal to me. Many people go back and forth b/w curly and straight hair throughout their lives. I had bone-straight hair until I was 18. Off the top of my head, I know that goobernut (another nc poster) was straight until her late 20s, and I'm sure there are many others. Also, people's hair texture changes with pregnancy, menopause, medication, chemotherapy, and other unknown causes. And it's not just women, my bf's curls have loosened over time.
  • amaliruamaliru Posts: 48Registered Users
    That's interesting. I've noticed my many-racial cousin had really pretty type 3 ringlets when she was two and three years old, now that she's five, they've loosened a bit to type 2 curls.
  • subbrocksubbrock Posts: 8,212Registered Users
    other than hormone changes, it could be a length issue. the longer my little girl's hair gets, the farther down her curls seem to travel. about 1/3 of her hair is straight before it starts to curl. her dad (who has long hair) is the same way.

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