One Side Longer Than the Other?

Naptural9jaNaptural9ja Registered Users Posts: 183
The right side of my head is notably longer than the left. Any suggestions to promote growth on the shorter side...or to camouflage the difference in twist outs and other hair styles?


  • curls 2nvcurls 2nv Registered Users Posts: 318
    i accidentally cut one side of my hair noticably shorter and no matter what i tried, it just would not grow back fast enough. keep in mind that i wasnt very consistant but i did scalp massages and put MN and oil on my scalp. i just found it easier to do slight trims every once in a while to even it up
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  • pearl89pearl89 Registered Users Posts: 185
    Yeah for some reason one side of my hair tends to shrink more than the other when its drying, all I could do was trim it myself when it was dry.
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  • JordaniaBabeJordaniaBabe Registered Users Posts: 22
    I have the same exact problem... But just in one tiny spot usually. I'll have a chunk of hair that's just slightly longer than the rest of it.
  • jeweldjeweld Registered Users Posts: 140
    I had this exact same problem Naptural, I used megatek on the shorter side to even it out. It worked but it also made it noticeably thicker so I when I wore my hair out one side was full of volume and thickness and the other flatter. Eventually the extra thickness faded once I stopped using it but good news: the length stayed. So if you want to even your hair out I'd recommend megatek
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