Hair types and questions (:

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hello I'm new to naturally curly and I'm currently transitioning from a relaxer and its been about 10 months. I now have a head top full of curls but still have some relaxed ends. Can somebody please help me out with my hair type.




Btw these are my curls as a child. Is it true that even if you grow out your relaxer your curls change and your hair becomes more coarse1zycv9g.png


  • ShellyBeeShellyBee Registered Users Posts: 67
    From what I can see it looks 3c-ish, maybe 4a. But you can't be totally sure until you cut all the relaxer off--the texture might change, it might not.

    Also, I heard your body changes every 7 years and that includes hair structure too. So it has nothing to do really with the relaxer IMO, but just that the body changes.
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