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Hello! My DD is 7 years old and I'm guessing she's a 2b or 2c. It's REALLY thick. She gets comments on it all the time. I'd like to get her hair less frizzy and more curly. I think it should be shorter, but whenever I take her to get her hair cut, they tell me if her hair is too short, it will get too curly and uncontrollable.

I've attached 2 pics. One is recent, the other was taken right before she turned 3. Her hair was much shorter, curlier, and cute :)

I'm wondering if I can do something that's not too "fussy" to get it curlier. She doesn't like to sit still while I comb or style it. She was letting me braid it for a while, but she's lost interest.



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    My daughter is 7 and her hair is more wavy than curly. And it was dry and frizzy. My hair is 3b and my products didn't work for her. Until I bought Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition deep treatment. Her hair looks awesome and the curls are coming out. She has layers in her hair which is just above her shoulder blades. I use a wide tooth comb once she gets out of the bathtube and use a spray leave in condtioner by Carol's Daughter---she loves the smell!! Do not let a stylist talk you into the "razor" method for her hair. It butchered my hair years ago. Talk to a stylist that is comfortable with curly hair. Discuss how long layers would work for her hair type, wave pattern. Also, my daughter's hair has some damage due to constantly putting it in a ponytail. Literally, her hair was breaking off at the point where I put in the hairband. So we have been switching up her day to day styles. It has taken some trial and error, but I am happy with the results so far. Good Luck!
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    OMG her hair is cute! I don't have much wavy-specific knowledge, but I'm sure some people will chime in with ideas. I just think her hair is gorgeous, and she's very lucky that you're teaching her to love and be proud of it :)
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    Wow, her hair is really thick.

    DD is 3a with a bit of 2a and 2b on the top of her head. If I use Curly Q moisturizer and follow with Curly Q [buylink=]milkshake[/buylink], then put her hair into lots of little buns (bantu knots) held with snug (but not tight) elastics, her hair comes out really curly. Even the 3a hair is curlier, but not to the point of 4a.
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    Thanks for the replies. I have been looking for low cost products. Now I'm shampooing once or twice a week with Suave 2 in one, and following up with the Fructis leave in conditioner.

    My best friend growing up had very curly hair, and spent hours trying to get it to feather. She drove me nuts! I don't want DD to fight her hair when she gets older.

    It seems like stylists I've tried so far have something against curls. :? They insist that I should never give her a shorter haircut because it will make her hair poof out. Well I really liked it when it was curlier! Last time, I was telling the woman how I liked it curly, but she ignored me and blew dried it straight. I didn't stop her because dd was enjoying herself.
    We're going to get our hair cut together somewhere new on Saturday. I'll see what they say.

    Thanks again!

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