How to get hair like Matt Stones.

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Hey, I'm a 14 year old male with curly hair and i can't seem to find a routine that i'm ever truly happy with to truly get the hairstyle i want. What i currently do is shower it with a little shampoo three times a week and then when i get out of the shower i shake my hair up and down like a madman and then raise the hair up to the scalp with a t shirt. Then i spray some volume gel in my hair and let it dry for about half an hour before drying it with a hair-dryer/diffuser. I was thinking of changing it slightly to shampooing it twice a week and rinsing it once a week and spraying gel on before drying it and letting it air dry. I also shake my hair alot and brush it frequently. I want to get it like Matt Stone (South Park creator) hair but it doesn't seem to be as wide or curly as his. The wind tends to destroy my hair and it seems to straighten out a fair bit. Any tips would be grateful =D


  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
    Matt seems to be a type 4 from what I've seen, so I would investigate the hair boards of that number for the best advice.

    Best Wishes,
  • CurlLeeCurlLee Registered Users Posts: 221
    do you have a picture you can post...
    3b here 4a there 3c everywhere
    talk about a mix up :toothy10:

    elevator doors open...

    random girl: ohhh, you have curly hair

    elevator doors begins to close...

    random girl's friend:i think he knows that already

    elevator doors close...

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