Polish tragedy...

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Today around 8.50 (GMT +2) in Smolensk Russia plane with 88 Polish Government representatives crushed... There were : Polish president his wife , many politics and also families of those murdered 70 years ago in the same forest. The were going to Katyn to honour the 70th anniversary of murder thousands of polish officers and soldiers by russians. Today died 88 most important people in Poland.... Nobody survived. We still can't believe that it really happened.... The forest of Katyn took another victims....
I just....I cant really think now I wanted to share with you guys.... Maybe it doesnt matter for you at all, maybe you don't even know where Poland is but...
I want you to remember and please pray for us and for them.... please
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    This sad event has been a major news item here. There are many people of Polish origin in the US. It is a horrifying tragedy. Your people are receiving many thoughts and prayers from our country, as well as the rest of the world I am sure.
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    RIP.. :sad5: My heart goes out to Poland. The country has a sad history and this is yet another tragedy to add to it.
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    I just read that the volcanic ash from Iceland is wreaking havoc on the funeral plans. :(
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    Apparently some dignitaries will not be able to attend due to the flight shutdowns, but they will hold the funeral anyway.

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