I think I might go for a mod-bob! Any advice?

I have a pool in my backyard, and I want a summer hairstyle that will be easy to manage. Enter idea of bob. I am kind of scared though, so I am in need of serious help!

Has anyone else gone from long hair to a bob? Was it worth it? Did it end up being easier to manage?
Please post any and all comments here!
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    I went from almost bra length hair to an inverted A line type bob that went from being an 1" for the shortest layer to the longest right below my chin- it had a lot of graduated layers. I cut it Jan 09 and kept it up for about 4 months and started growing it out again.

    I've never really had short hair as an adult so it was really challenging for me at first.

    CONS: There's no "putting it up and away". I had to do it everyday and couldn't be lazy about it. I also couldn't do braids, which was a favorite. If I was out to have a bad hair day, there was nothing I could do besides bandanna it when I got home from work to forget about it.

    PROS: Was great in summer- I've never been able to wear my hair down as much because it wasn't as hot (heat wise ;))! Took less time to style, either curly or straight. Didn't need as much product for styling. Dried faster. Was really funky and chic looking...

    It was really cool for awhile. But I'm one that's lazy about salon appointments and I don't like to go very often because I don't have a lot of funds to maintain the hairstyle. If my husband wasn't such a fan of long hair I'd probably do it again.

    If you're thinking about it, I say go for it! It's a LOT of fun! Most people can pull off some kind of variation of the bob, so maybe post a pic of yourself/face shape and people can help guide you as to what kind of bob may look best for your face/hair type.
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    I've had bob-length hair for a long time. Mine's down to my shoulders now - the longest it's been in probably 7 years - but I'm getting it cut into another bob next week. So I definitely say go for it! I love short hair so much - it is a lot easier to take care of and the drying time and amount of product you use is so much nicer. And if you get a good cut it will look cute.

    I hope you do it and like how it turns out! ;)
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    You might be interested in the thread called Curly Bobs Unite.
    I've had short hair all my life because my stupid hair just doesn't grow. :tongue3: You can get it up, but it is hard to get it all up. It works best if you put the hair from the ears forward up and leave the back down. It isn't technically all up, but there isn't much down to have a bad hair day.
    Good luck if you decide to do it. If you do go for it, consider donating your hair.
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