Rusk Anti Curl...4a curls

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Is anyone using this with good luck?

I have done every kind of straightener in the past. My last rusk anti curl was June of 2009. I stopped because it broke my hair so bad. I had stopped thinking it was a thyroid issue and did extensions for a while. Then when the thyroid was taken care of I tried again and it still was breaking.

I have gone without and now in need to get through the summer with my shorter 4a fine hair . I read a review on here and I know the stylist doing the rusk was not following direction..there was no conditioner put on prior to application.

I am about to have it done with someone else who knows how to follow the instructions but still nervous.

So just wanted to see if anyone has good luck with the rusk anti curl. (or wants to talk me out of it)



  • dany06dany06 Posts: 39Registered Users
    I think that it is possible for you to try this product again. This time you may want to try applying it yourself. This product can be easily found online.

    I recently purchased a Matrix Opti Smooth Kit just because it had the step by step dvd to it. It was very imformative. If you dont mind chaning products you could try the opti smooth. It does both cold smoothing like the rusk anti-curl and does heat straightening like rusk str8. This way you could follow their directions, but from what I have seen online the directions are very similar.

    If you are going to stick with rusk you do have an option to which anti curl you want. There are two types. You have the anti-curl with kerashine and the regular anti-curl. Each of these sytems come in 3 different strengths.

    Just find the one that matches your current hair situation and you should be fine. I hope this helps

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