could i pull off a longish pixie-type cut?

For awhile I've had the strongest urge to chop all of my hair off, probably because it got incredibly long while I was studying abroad. Even after getting 4 inches off, it's still well past my shoulders, and I feel like I need a big change. So I've been thinking about a really short cut. My hair is very thick, mostly 2C to 3A type curls, but with a few sporadic 3B. I'm more concerned about my face shape in trying to pull a cut like this off. I'm kind of chubby, but I don't think my face is round. Just sort of soft around the edges. But here are some pictures:

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(I'm on the left)

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I tried to pick pics with a variety of hairstyles. So do I have the face shape to make a short cut work? Be honest. Brutally so, if necessary. Thanks :)
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    I think your face shape is such that you could pull it off, but you might have to compensate with clothes and makeup to avoid the androgynous factor, if you're going for a super-short cut.

    I always think it's a good idea to go shortER first before chopping it all off. That way you know if you like short hair on you before it's all gone.
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    You should consider the fact that growing it back out could be a pain in the buttocks. I have a relative who cut her thick curly hair short 10-15 years ago and hasn't been able to grow it out because she can't stand the stages between very short and a bob. She has a low tolerance for hair that doesn't look perfect. This might not be an issue for you at all, but it is something to keep in mind before you make your decision to go short.
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    It would work fine with your face BUT I would be suprised if your hair would lay down enough to actually accomplish a pixie cut, based on the pictures you posted.

    Have you successfully had short hair before? If mine is very short it just sticks up, and a little longer than that it gets this sort of unattractive thickness look - I am a big fan of thick hair at all other lengths, but for pixie? Pixie cuts seem like they need hair that will submit to you when you ask it to lay down.
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