Suave Aloe

I used to post on the boards fairly frequently, years ago... the only product I used and had success with was Suave Aloe Gel and Mousse. Since it's been discontinued, I can't find ANYTHING that my hair likes the way it liked those products. Has anyone found anything that is comparable and affordable? I remember a LOT of people used the Suave Aloe products, so I was hoping that someone might have found an alternative by this point in time (since I've failed finding anything that works nearly as well).


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    Have you tried using FOTE (Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel). It is very popular on the board. You will find it at RiteAid, Kmart, Target, etc. in the sunbathing/tanning lotion isles. You can use it by itself as a styler, or layer it using a stronger holding gel, and really works beautifully.

    I have used it before with no success, but I am also using Rudee Chicks Super Soaker Method. I am not sure if you are familiar with her method though. If not there is a large thread about it, and also a video on Youtube. Hope I helped a bit.
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