Can You Put A Perm over A Straighter

lindseylewislindseylewis Posts: 2Registered Users
About six months ago I got a straighter put on my hair and have been keeping up with it. Recently I have become tired of it. Can I get a perm put on my hair, so that I can be curly again?


  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    That would probably cause your hair to break off from too much chemical damage. What does your hair look like if you let it dry without straightening it? You might be able to use some products to encourage it to curl or wave more without having to perm.
  • lindseylewislindseylewis Posts: 2Registered Users
    I blow dried it like I use to curly and it looks okay..its just not like it use to. I'm thinking about just letting my straightener grow out then going back to how I use to be. Its more wavy today then curly. I use to have ringlets now I just have waves.
  • taltaltaltal Posts: 614Registered Users
    There are different kinds of active ingredients used for straightening/perming, mostly hydroxide and thioglycolate . The thioglycolate based ones are considered milder and less damaging to the hair, however if you got a relaxer/texturizer with a hydroxide based and later on get another one with a thio based (or the other way around) it can result in very serious damage.

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