Sooooo frustrated!!!!

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Hi, I'm getting so frustrated wiht the CG Method, my hair was at first getting pretty, but now its just blah! im getting frizzier, and like, there's not enough definition, maybe its the weather, 'cause when i started the CG it wasn't as hot as now, still high dews though, its midnight here in mexico, (veracruz) and we're 86°F and the dew point is 71°F and thats only the begining of the hot season, i don't know what to do, im limited by the products. I put some jojoba oil to see if it make my curls better, but its a disaster, theyre frizzier and greasy, sooo my hair doesnt like jojoba oil, now i need to try to clarify and the ACV rinse and see if it gets better.

Very high dews (70°F or more) and lots of humidity (above 80%)
3a/3b mostly, normal porosity, medium texture (I think)

Sometimes I use: TRESemme flawless curls shampoo
Co-wash: Suave Green Apple
Conditioner: Garnier Fructis Oil Repair
Styling: Flaxseed gel, shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

Still experimenting...



  • New2NoPooNew2NoPoo Registered Users Posts: 13
    Sorry you're in a rough patch right now. I'm new to the CG myself and it's still touch and go. Hope someone on here can offer you a suggestion.
    Currently using
    CoWash: Suave Naturals coconut
    Leave In/Rinse:GN triple nutrition
    Style:Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Mousse, thinking about trying gel...
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    I don't have any suggestions, except I hope you do find a solution.
    2a with 3a mixed in. Fine, thin hair; straight at crown for 2 inches, then curl. Clips are my friend or I'd have no volume on top. Currently using DevaCurl line. Also love aloe vera gel and KCCC. CG since Feb 2010. First Deva Cut April 2, 2010.
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    Were your curls frizz-free and defined when you were shampooing? What gave you good curls pre-CG? Are there products you can't use now that you are CG that would like to? Have you considered a low-poo now and again?

    Also, I have found I need to switch up my cowash now and again depending on the day. Suave Coconut is my standard, but I hadn't washed for a couple days and used oil to seal last night so I washed with VO5 Tea Therapy clarifying, followed by a second cowash with Suave Tangerine. If I just feel extra producty I use one of those followed by the coconut, or on normal days the coconut alone. The Tangerine cleans my hair really well but doesn't moisturize. The Suave Coconut leavs my hair gorgeous, but it doesn't cut the grease/oil very well. The VO5 cuts the oil really well, but I don't like the feel or smell for everyday.

    I know living in Mexico you have issues finding product. Maybe someone could send you some. I don't know what shipping to Mexico runs, I know they have flat rate boxes and such. $10 would get you enough Suave or VO5 options to last you the next year or two! I'd be happy to do so if it would help. Maybe shipping would be cheaper if someone in Cali sent it??? I dunnow.
    CG since 2/23/10!

    2B 3A mix, fine texture and high porosity at crown/bangs, normal elsewhere. I like protein!

    Trying to grow out a short haircut.

    WASH: Jessicurl Cleansing Cream (once every week or so)
    CONDITION: Jessicurl Too Shea! or Aloeba Conditioner
    STYLE: Jessicurl Gelebration Spray/Awe Inspiraling Spray (PICS OF CG TRANSITION SO FAR) Need to update. No pics with the Jessicurl products yet, but I LOVE them!
  • xfactorgloryxfactorglory Registered Users Posts: 9
    Maybe your hairs getting over-moisturized? Maybe cutting back on conditioner will help :/ Sorry I cant be of more help

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