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I am kinda new-ish here still, so I'm still figuring out things here. But I did find out that my hair doesn't like protein. The protein build up on my hair would be horrible.

What are some protein free product for my hair?
I have looked through old post, but it's still very confusing...all the 'codes' lol
I did find out that 'Herbal Essences Set Me Up Max Hold Gel' is protein free and also Suave Aloe conditioner, so I've been using those.

I would like to know some other styling products and maybe even some deep conditioners that are protein free...
Could anybody help me?

Thank you! :-)


  • heavengirl410heavengirl410 Registered Users Posts: 821
    I know that the Vo5 natural conditioners are protein free except any of the Moisture Milk ones, I don't know how to post a link, but I found a great thread by pressing Search>> in search query type in protein free products>> then change the tab to "Search for all terms">> press search>> 4th down on the list is a topic called sulfate, cone and protein free, that should help you some, and I am sure other more knowageable curlys then me can also help too!!
  • mayramayra Registered Users Posts: 13
    Wow! Thank you!!!
    I think I should look around the other boards too!

    My curls thank you!

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