What is your favorite leave-in condish for going straight?

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My hair: my mom started relaxing my hair when I was 11 (bah!). I'm almost 28 now and the past four or so years even with relaxing it developed a loose curl, so I have learned how to love it and even style it! My hair is weird though cause when wearing it curly one side is looser and I cannot comb it AFTER I get out of the shower or it won't really have a lot of curl.

So anyway, I don't really know my curl type since my hair is technically still "relaxed" I guess it is a mixture of waves and ringlets, but can still be cute!

So anyway, when I straighten:
--I let it air dry and brush it out gently with a wide plastic brush here and there
--then I flat iron it

I feel I need a little more moisture under my silicone serum though (S Factor Dream Drops)

What leave-in condish's do you guys use for this purpose?

Also, my hair HATES protein!

Marsha from Curl Junkie said that maybe Coco Creme Lite might work for me because one of her customers uses it to blow dry then uses a serum to flat iron.

Thanks sorry this was long!
Mostly relaxed, yet still curly hair, which I am going to try to grow out with daily conditioner rinses and a shampoo once or twice a week.

Officially Transitioning since March 2011.
Last Relaxer September 2010

Got some kind of curly bangs going here! And I think my bangs are all natural!

I think that my natural hair is somewhere between a 3b and a 3c, I hope it's not too soon to tell! :blob4:

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