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So I just posted a blog about how making hair products at home out-weigh the cost of going to the store and buying them. I am fairly new to the CG game. I found a recipe and purchased some ingridents for something like a growth spritz. Now Im on the hunt for some homemade poos, CO, leave in's, and if any one can tell me what pomade is used for and how often to use it I'd love that. And a recipe wouldnt hurt either! I want to go completly natural and learn how to do so before my hair begins to grow out so I can handle it with ease. All advice will be greatly appreciated.

Here is the recipe for the spritz if anyone is interested in trying it. Let me know how this works for you all.
(2-4oz) veggie glycerin
(3-4oz) aloe vera gel...or juice
(8oz) distilled water...hard water will make your hair feel hard!
(2 big tablespoons) MSM powder
peppermint oil (20 drops)
rosemary oil (20 drops)
lemongrass oil..or whatever oil scent you favor (20 drops)

----I was able to get all products execpt the MSM online. I went to and all of their items were at a great price!

I actually found it on this site!
(I do not remember the lady that originally posted this so my apologies for not being able to give creidt!)
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