Frizzy Haircut...

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A few weeks back, I decided I'd trim some of my wavy hair which I want to grow, the barber decided to use thinning scissors, I let her continue not knowing better. The final product looked really good, but a week later my hair is full of frizz ; (
Now I want to know, does frizz fix over time from hair growth, or does most of my hair need to be cut off?

Thanks in advance.


  • curly1977curly1977 Registered Users Posts: 6 Curl Novice
  • Fanfarlo148Fanfarlo148 Registered Users Posts: 151
    I'll answer! I'm not a guy, but I've had a lot of short haircuts, so I should be able to help.

    Before I can really give advice I need to know what your hair regimen is; shampoo/conditioner/styling products, the whole nine yards. Do you brush, comb, use a towel or a t-shirt, CG or not, the whole nine yards. ^_^

  • curly1977curly1977 Registered Users Posts: 6 Curl Novice
    I use Alberto Balsam Sunkissed Raspberry Shampoo and Conditioner. Usually when I need to style it I blowdry it with l'oreal elvive mousse, then put some VO5 wax on it.
    Yes, I do use a towel, but recently heard it's bad, so I just blot it on my hair.
  • CurlLeeCurlLee Registered Users Posts: 221
    picture? might help.
    3b here 4a there 3c everywhere
    talk about a mix up :toothy10:

    elevator doors open...

    random girl: ohhh, you have curly hair

    elevator doors begins to close...

    random girl's friend:i think he knows that already

    elevator doors close...

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