VERY thin hair @ temples help plz

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my hair is very thin because from junior high- high school i put my hair in very tight pony tails. the most noticeably thin parts r at my temples. i have just a thin layer of hair that i gel down in an attempt the hide my bald spots... my question is- is there a chance of getting my hair to grow back or have i waited too long? if so what could i try (besides talking to a doctor)? i dont know how to properly describe this so bare with me- ive been told that the part of the scalp that would produce hair is dead- could this be true? any help is very much appreciated


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    How long has it been since you quit with the tight ponytails? Does the hair start to grow (you can feel if hair is growing, there's fuzz there in the thin spot and eventually some length shows) or is it just smooth and nothing grows?

    If you only just recently stopped and you feel fuzz and some growth, it should grow back if you leave it be (clean and such) and eat properly (adequate protein and vitamins, minerals, with healthy oils).

    Also, take a good look at the women in your family. Any others with thinness at those spots? If so, it may be genetic.

    If it's totally smooth with no evidence of growth, you had better see a doc. It could mean the actual root/origination of the hair was damaged and only a professional can tell you your true options.
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    its smooth no fuzz at all :sad7: and the women in my family that have thinning hair only have it at the top of their heads. its been about a year since i stopped putting my hair in tight pony tails... making an appointment tomorrow. Thanks for ur advice.
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    I used to wear my hair in half-ups for years, and sort of tight buns daily during the summer, as I was growing my hair out. I noticed that the hair at my temples was thinning to the point that I almost had a receding hairline in those spots. I didn't have broken hairs in that area. For about the past year, I have been wearing it loose or or just loosely pulled back with a headband. This has definitely helped my hair grow back. About 1-2 months ago I started to notice what looks like more hair growing in that area.

    I hope it works out for you at the doctor! But maybe also think about changing your hairstyle to reduce or eliminate pulling/stress on that area of your scalp.
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    Going to the doctor should definitely be your first step. But if there's still possibility for growth, jojoba oil works well to moisturize and stimulate the scalp. I had severe hair loss at the temples a few months ago (due to stress). My scalp was clean bald in those areas. I gently massaged the bald spots with jojoba oil after my daily hair routine and within a month or so the hair started growing back. Now, four months later, the bald spots are covered/not noticeable and the hair is growing back in thickly.
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    thanks for the help everyone. do any of u think that the gel i put on the side to cover the spots has clogged the pores/roots and kind of stalled/stopped the growth?
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    Hi. I used to put my hair in a tight bun, and my hair had started to thin. When I noticed, I stopped wearing tight hairstyles. That was 6 years ago, and now my hair is starting to become like before.

    Now I follow a natural routine with very good cleaning of theh ead with organic shampoo and with sugar scrubs. I also massage well my scalp so that the roots become stronger . I have also noticed that after every haircut my roots get more lift every time.
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    I have thinning hair above the temples. I guess in the spots where horns would grow if I had them LOL. They show up the worst after a hair dye because then you can see the contrast against my scalp better. I even had a hairdresser suggest rogaine to me once. Since I went CG and stopped using heat the spots are filling back in. You can see and feel the new growth. The ponytails and the gel might both be a culprit, as well as genetics. I would try CG, plus the massage and oiling of the areas. Also a multivitamin can't hurt.
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    Thank u for the responses ladies. I am currently trying the CG method. I no longer put my hair in any types of ponytails and am using this oils my doctor recommended that I have to massage into my scalp so I wll see how that goes.

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