Hi from MD/VA

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Hey everyone! I found this site on the Jessicurl site (which I'm brand new to as well). I'm 20 years old from MD but I attend school in VA.

I didn't start wearing my hair curly until college. I attempted a few times while in high school and it was always SO frizzy since I didn't know how to control it. My hair didn't even begin to get curly until high school! My hair type is between a 2B/3A. I've learned how to control it a little better now, but it still either goes frizzy or doesn't hold the curl. Usually I resort to straigtening it, which is why it is now very damaged (well.. and my hair dye obsession...)

Glad I finally found some help :)
In DESPERATE need of a haircut.


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    Welcome! We're so glad to have you! You'll find lots of great info here.

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Welcome! :D
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