Is there a way to turn 3b hair into 2a/b?

I reallllly want wavy hair naturally.
Instead of curly.


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    As far as I know, not without chemicals.
    You can alter the curl pattern a bit with the use of some natural ingredients and styling methods, but not enough to make 3b hair turn to 2b.
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    Have you ever looked into the Coppola Keratin Treatment? That might help. However, it's about $300 and only lasts for a few months. There is a lot of info about it on this forum.
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    I'll preface my suggeston with this: desiring a hair type you don't have is a way to set yourself up for misery and hair damage. Right? Okay, that said:

    The Brazilian Blowout that was tried by one of this site's co-founders and that is less harsh than the BKT can relax a hair's texture down one (maybe two or more). So, you could probably easily go to a 2a or 2c if you have a skilled stylist do the BB.

    If you get a bad stylist to do it, your hair may end up much straighter or not wavy to your liking. It's always a risk.

    But, seriously, I have 3b hair and I always get compliments and people who think I did a perm. My hair can be trying in humid weather and is imperfect, but it's mine and it wasn't until I was 18 that I stopped agonizing and learned to embrace my curls, while I spent many a teen angst over my unwieldy hai prior to that. What a waste, right? It is what it is.

    Try to find pleasure in what you have and make it look its best that's the wisest course. BUT...occasionally just to a big roller set (airdry) to get a different look (or a blowout). Nothing wrong with wanting a bit of a change now and then, as long as you learn to love what you have, too.
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