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My "3b" type hair is very thin and this is becuase of this HUGE knot i had. I dont mean your average knot that us curly haired people know about and not to mention hate, I'm talking about a know to big it took 4 hours to untangle and the salonist still had to cut the left over 3 in. knot out. Yeah, it was bad. So that happened about what 5 or 6 months ago and right now my hair is still very thin and weak. My curls are becoming fragile, more than it normally is, which isn't much if you ask me. But my question to you is: What do i do with it? I honestly dont know what to do with it. To get layers or not, to use moose or not. What about gel, which brand should i use? What style should i get when i go to the salon, which isn't often. Maybe once every 3 months. Please help! Add any other advice you might think will relieve my strees. LOL. Thanks.
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  • CurlFaceCurlFace Registered Users Posts: 176 Curl Neophyte
    Well, I'm a 3A (with 2C mixed in) and right now I'm using a mix of mousse and gel. I like mousse because it's a little lighter and doesn't weight my hair down - kind of keeps it away from my scalp so the thin spots don't show as much. I think layers will help mask the thinness, too, but that's just my opinion!
    Type: 3a - type 1 on the underside. Thinning.
    Currently using:
    -Organix Tea Tree Mint Shampoo (occasionally)
    -Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition conditioner
    -Suave Waterfall Mist Conditioner or Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific as leave-in
    -A mix of Shique Gel and HE Totally Twisted mousse
    -FX Curls Up Mousse, on occasion

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