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makemesmile29makemesmile29 Registered Users Posts: 42
Heyyyy everybody!
im getting my hair cut in a few days and
i was thinking maybe doing something different or new...
sidebangs, new lenght? i dont know..... any ideas??
i usually get it cut just at my shoulders and ive never done side bangs so im open for any ideas!!


  • curlycarrottop62curlycarrottop62 Registered Users Posts: 245
    i have longer side swept bangs and i like those. I do not like the look with curly hair and short straight bangs. but thats just me
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  • makemesmile29makemesmile29 Registered Users Posts: 42
    Thanks! but is there anyway i could get a picture of what the bangs would look like? my mom is unsure about it and says i should get pictures for my hair dresser! if not thats ok!
    CLAIRE <3

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