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My daughter has really curly hair. it is dry, I need help. I dont know how to to it. it either goes in a braid or bun or a pony tail but then gets so knotted that I dont put it like that.
I have pics but I dont know how to post them .[/img]


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    ! Read the book: Curly Girl !
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    try using less shampoo or no shampoo. find a good conditoner, right now im having alot of luck with Vo5 strawbery and cream conditoner. You can use it lke a shampoo, and can get the everyday dirt and oils off her scalp. I like to put the condioner on in the begining of the bath, and let it set in the hair while you do the other washing stuff and play. Detangle using the condioner, (this is were a cheap one comes in handy). for dry hair you can make a good detangler using that conditoner left over conditioner mixed with water and put it in a spray bottle. when you do wash whether with shampoo or conditioner, don't pile the hair on top of her head, it just cases tangles. Just gentle scrub at the scalp, and smooth or finger comb the products in. And for most people here the regular towels can cause frizz as well. you can buy microfiber towels or some people use paper towels to try and soak up extra water. The goal is to squeeze out the excess water, do not rub. If you are going to use products then most seem to have the best results if they are applied to soaking/dripping wet hair.

    Curly hair is prone to tangles so detangle very carefully. Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb, start at the bottom and gently work you way up in sections, making sure you dont pull the hair. If you feel even a little resistance the start again a little above the tangle, doing that a few times will lossen it up. If done properly there should be no ouchies, and if you hear a snap then you are tearing the hair up and not doing it right.

    A good leave-in conditoner is very helpful as well. You want to try and find a products that have no drying ingredients, or silicones (anything ending in "cone" or "one" is a silicone) If you use silicones they need to be removed sometimes with harsh products, and requires a hair routine that is probably to complicate to do for a child. So I would stay away from them.

    One or several loose braids for bed will prevent tangles from sleeping.

    And after you "fix" her hair while then don't touch it. The more you touch it, the more it messes up the curl pattern the more frizz she will have. Dont let her touch it, dont let strangers "boing" her curls. When it dries and you still have frizzies, you can always dampen it down with a spray bottle and start over, or apply more leave in. I sometimes if it's really bad and i have no time, or important (like picture day at school) apply Herbal essense totally twisted gel for those emergencies, but tha is a rare occurance.

    Those are the 3 most important parts of curly hair, but conditioning and proper detangleing are by far the most important. Especially when they are young.

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