hair being weighed down. :(

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I think my hair might be a little heavy which is causing my curls to get weighed down.

I believe this because my hair is straight flat on the inside and curly ontop.

Also I think I might have 2c/3a hair..My hair curlys into ringlets but it also has some waves to it..What can I do to enhance the curls?

What products?
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Porosity: low to medium in the winter
Density: medium
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Hair ingredient dislikes: coconut oil, wheat protein, hemp, henna, protein
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    I used to have that exact same problem, lots of curls, but only after about the middle of my ear. I was wondering if you plop. I didn't until I found this website, but since I started plopping and putting my products in with my head inverted my curl goes to the root.

    As far as products, I'm not CG yet so the stuff I use has cones. I use Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship leave-in conditioner and SFX Curl Scrunching Gel.
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    Products with silicone can weigh down your hair so keep that in mind. Experiment with using CG friendly products. Most likely, you'll notice a difference.

    What's the texture of your hair? If it's fine to normal, have you experimented with protein? Protein rebuilds and reinforces the hair shaft.
    Protein rich products can make all the difference for some of us.

    How heavy is your conditioner? Are you using a leave-in? While moisture is key, overconditioning will leave curls undefined and limp.
    My daughter has fine hair and if she uses a heavy conditioner, her hair just falls. With my hair, I can use a heavy conditioner from ear down... as long as I don't saturate my roots.

    Curl enhancing products- [buylink=]Jessicurl Rockin Ringlets[/buylink] or FSG- very similar product
    Paul Mitchel Round Trip

    Apply a firmer hold gel to hold those waves/curls into place. We really like LA Looks Sports Gel.

    Plopping may help.
    Clipping your roots will give you some lift also.

    I highly recommend learning more about the CG method and your hair.

    Once you understand your texture, porosity, density, etc, look for others who have similar hair and ask what products they use. It just takes a lot of experimenting and time. I've had curly hair since I was 12 and I'm still experimenting and playing with product, application, etc. Always looking for something better.
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    Also a thought might be a haircut. Hair gets heavier the longer it gets. You didn't mention the length, but if you have really long hair that could weigh down your curls.

    Just a thought to consider.
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