Wet Cut/Dry Cut: How Many Want "blow" Option Open?

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I will need a haircut in the next month or two (trying to grow out hair a bit), and I'm processing my options for stylists and styles (got some nice feedback from BluButterfly in Stylist chatter).

However, part of me wants to keep the "blow out" option open (though I haven't blown-out my hair since going CG just over 4 months ago). This means I would need a wet cut to allow for layering to be even and appropriate for a blown style.

I have no wild urge to go back to straightened hair as a matter of daily course, but the idea of having the OPTION to style my hair more wavy or even straighish for some occasion or outfit, well, I still do think I want that. I will be honest and say that pics of me right before I went CG, well, my hair is much more flattering blown out. This is not due to the texture but the shape. My cut was shaped for a long, layered blow-out. Left curly, the sides and top just don't have the shape I need/want that would flatter me. It's a bit frustrating, I admit. I love the curly texture, but I need a shape that's more than hair just HANGING there.

Anyone else leery of the dry cut or carve and slice for this reason?

I want my hair to be shaped and look nice CURLY, but well, you see my conundrum....
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    Hmmm.........Can you ask your stylist for her or his advice on the subject? It doesn't seem like you should have to choose absolutely between the two.

    And if one stylist says you do, perhaps ask another?
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    I gave up on the Deva (dry) cut partially for that reason. I found that my hair wasn't even. The curls dried differently at times and even though I was rarely doing straight hair, I wanted it to be even both straight and curly. I ended up always having it cut wet. Good luck!
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    Hey Mir :)

    If you want the versatility and the confidence that you don't have issues with that, then get a wet cut. I decided to go with the dry cut because I knew I was swearing off heat for at least the next 6 mths and so it was more important to have curl balance and health vs. even hair.

    Good luck with the new stylist. I know this has been quite the process for you!:blob8:
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    I would go for the option. Two weeks ago I had my hair cut wet for the curls, and then she dried it and just "touched it up" so that I could have the straight blown-out option. It did not change the way the curls would look, however, because she only made sure things were "even" so that I could have the option but still maximize the curl.

    Maybe just clarify with the stylist that you want this option, but keep the cut simple enough so that it is cut mainly for the curls and then have her just "touch it up" for the straight styles?

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    I've gone to the same stylist for almost 30 years. He's always cut my hair wet--and I've never gotten a bad cut in all of that time.

    I think the issue here is whether a cut for curly hair will look good blown out straight. The layering you need to avoid the "dreaded" triangle may preclude it looking good straight. I got my first "summer" haircut today--meaning more and shorter layers to avoid the triangle. My hair would look funny worn straight--at least I think so. I can't imagine that you'd want to compromise a great curly cut to wear it straight on occasion.
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    My current stylist is deva trained but she cuts my hair wet. I really think my fine hair does much better with the precision cutting they can do when it is wet. I get very subtle layers but it works for my thin/fine hair. And, when I go to get my hair cut I always have her blow it out-I love the difference and the fact that I cannot do it (I am VERY tool inept to the point of silliness) makes it fun for the day that it is straight.
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  • oddityofwingsoddityofwings Registered Users Posts: 1,261
    I like having the option to go straight if I want to, so I prefer to get my hair cut wet. I get enough layers to more or less avoid the triangle, but that's it. I've toyed with getting a dry cut, but the truth is my hair clumps differently every day and I somehow expect a dry cut would end up looking really weird really fast. I haven't straightened my hair since going CG last year, but as with everything else in my life, I like having options. :-)
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    I'm in the same boat. I'm intrigued with the idea of a curly cut, but I like the option of blowing it out. I hate the idea of being stuck with only one way of doing my hair, even if that way is pretty awesome. :compress: I like having the best of both worlds.
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    Okay, so I made up my mind after reading all these replies. THANK YOU, LADIES!!!

    I'm gonna stick with wet cutting and experiment with layering options to see how to optimize curl but keep the blow-dry option.
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