argan or coconut oil?

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Hi everyone:) I've been on the site a couple of times, but this is my 1st board post so I hope I'm doing everything right. Anyway, I have a mix of 3a/3b hair, 3a in the front, 3b in the back. My hair is dry and thick, and it gets pretty frizzy. I also straighten it so I have a lot of split ends. I just cut my hair, so now its down to my neck when curly, down to my shoulders when straight. I've tried a lot of products but I've discovered that a)they don't moisturize and b) the have bad ingredients like cones which I won't be putting in my hair any longer. I was thinking of trying either argan oil or coconut oil, and my questions were:
Have you tried these, and if so, what is your opinion on them?
Which one will be better to use for my hair?
Will the coconut oil break me out? I'm acne prone by the way.
Thank you so much for reading my post and for your advice:)


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    Hello and welcome! I am just coming back to NC myself.

    I use coconut oil in my hair and think that this might be a better starting point. Argan oil can be expensive. But I haven't tried it on my hair, only my skin.

    The problem with oils is that you will find that your hair loves some of them and the only way you will know is by trial and error. Start with the less expensive oils first. My hair likes coconut, jojoba, and shea butter. Usually my hair prefers jojoba in the summer and shea butter or coconut in the winter. Some people have great luck with olive oil too. And usually you have that in your kitchen.
    Good luck!!!
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    Heey! Hope you'll like it here on NC:)
    I use coconut oil, and it's very moisturizing. It's said to be the most moisturizing oil, since it penetrates deep in your hair shaft. Since it penetrates deeply it won't leave your hair greasy. I've also heard that it's very light? Maybe I'm mistaken though! I use coconut oil all the time. It makes my hair soo soft and frizz free.

    For argan oil, I've never tried 100% pure aragan oil, but I've used products with argan oil in it. Specifically the Live Clean Argan Oil Treatment. The product contains other oils though. I purchased it since it was only about 5$, and I really like it. Plus, there are only natural ingredients:). I use this also every day.

    And for the acne, I really don't think it'll do any harm.. unless you don't cowash for too long (if you're not using silicones yet. If you are, then make sure to use sulfates!)
    Ca m'a fait de la pé-peine!:love7:

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