deva hair care question

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i bought some deva care products the other day and i was wondering how do i use them?

deva one condish
[buylink=]deva low poo[/buylink]
deva mister right

i haven't washed my hair with any poos since going cg is it ok to use the low poo?
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    The low-poo contains Cocamidopropyl Betaine instead of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and is not considered CG. It is less harsh and less drying, but like any shampoo I recommend using it only as needed.

    I think most people use the Deva One as a rinse-out conditioner after cleansing or cowashing, but I'm not sure. Some might use it for cowashing.
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    i bought some deva care products the other day and i was wondering how do i use them?

    deva one condish
    [buylink=]deva low poo[/buylink]
    deva mister right

    i haven't washed my hair with any poos since going cg is it ok to use the low poo?

    Prior to using low poo you should coat your ends with OC. I dunno what the bottle says now, but that's what's recommended on mine.

    After using low poo you can then use OC to co-wash (rinse out). If your hair still feels dry you can use a small amount to leave in. OC (DevaCURL anyway) is one of those awesome products that can be used to prepoo, DT, Cowash and LI. It's great and very moisturizing.

    Mister Right is the midday or 2nd day hair refresher so its basically a tonic that's supposed to revive your curls and keep em looking fresh.

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    A member of named StruttsWife is a Deva-trained stylist and she also has a great blog with some of the best instructions I've ever seen on how to use the Deva products. And I used to go exclusively to Devachan for haircuts when I lived in NYC!

    If you search the boards for StruttsWife you can find her posts and her blog should be listed in her signature.

    I really like the combo of Low Poo for cleansing and One-C as a conditioner, so good luck with them! (one trick--if you start to find Low Poo too drying, you can mix it with some conditioner in your hand, for example the No Poo, to make it more moisturizing)
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    I use the Deva Products and I found that this regimen works for me:

    I use No-Poo 1-2x per week as needed, rinse (or use One Condition as a co-wash and rinse), then One Condition, rinse, then I run a small amount of One Condition as a leave-in through my hair (rake). Then I tip my head upside down, shake things out, and then use some extra water to clump.

    After I get out of the shower, I use a t-shirt to get excess water out (I use my hands to scrunch with the t-shirt with my head upside down). I scrunch with ArcAngell (starting with the underlayers then add a bit and do the canopy), then leave my hair alone for about 10 minutes, then use Set It Free to scrunch again. Then air dry and I have nice, spirally, moisturized curls. For second day hair, I can sometimes save it with the Mist-er Right, I usually use the spray after a workday before I head out to dinner or something to freshen up.

    It took a few days for my hair to get used to the No-Poo/Co-Wash thing, and I found I had to use more product than I thought to keep the frizz at bay.

    Good luck! I would definitely pick up ArcAngell or Set It Free, as they help with curl definition and the gel helps with the curl hold.

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