Hard/rough ends?

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I am newly natural (bc'ed valentine’s day of 2010.)
I recently tried to straighten my hair, but my ends were ridiculous!!! No matter how much I detangled, they would tangle; they were hard and just nappy.

I tried shea butter and oil, Cantu, conditioner, no matter what I put on them, nothing helped. I don't want to cut them, but what should I do????


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    maybe you need a trim? whenever my ends get crazy, its usually because they need a trim.
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    My super coily hair doesn't straighten. Doesn't matter if I band it, braid it, blow-dry it, even flat iron it, no dice. I've always had a problem with my ends just looking and feeling nasty when I try to straighten them. Despite this, they feel just fine when coiled up.

    Just throwing this out there in case your hair might be the same way. I trimmed a LOT (probably 8 inches over two years) thinking it would fix it, and now I kick myself over the length I could have now. =)

    Otherwise, moisture moisture moisture, as they say. Try baggying the ends a few times to give them a boost, too. Also, check your products and read up on the difference between moisture and protein.
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    I think you are right. I noticed last week when i tried to straighten, I had done a home-made treatment with avocado, honey, mayo, egg and some of my hair oil and conditioner. My hair was really soft, but ends brittle. This week, i did not use my home made treatment, and I had no problem. I will probably be straightening it for Easter. Thanks for the advice!!
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    I use the cocoa tree detangling ghee to do the job. My ends are hard to comb through as well girl. The ghee really knocks those tangles out. Try it. As you can see in the second picture, it is almost gone:thumbleft:
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    you can do 1 of 2 things;
    1. trim as suggested by above thread or
    2. try 2 manipulate the ends with dt just give it extra tlc during DC and DTs

    either way tht part of ur hair will be cut off due to reg trims. a close friend of mine told me whn we BC abt 1 inch of the hair tht first grows out is harder than the rest due to build up of relaxers underneath the first layer of our scalp so technically the first inch or so isn't really considered natural natural. I had the same issue. I just trimmed it, i know it seem hard to do since u just BCd but its up 2 ur comfort. good luck!
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  • kiddmyloxxkiddmyloxx Posts: 3Registered Users
    I have noticed that they are getting a bit better. When i tried to straighten a few days ago, i added a bit of beeswax to the end, and it gave it a nice healthy shine and smoothed the raggedy ends. Thank so much for your help!

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