Thoroughly Annoyed With My Hair

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For the past few weeks, I have been overwhelmed with school (I'm a Junior in college) and just life in general. I put my hair care on the back burner in order to balance other nonsense. I would just bun it (in a "I'm in a hurry way" rather than a cute way) and wear baggy clothes to class because I was just that stressed. So lately my hair has been in need of some care.

Last night I decided to stay up and give my hair a little more appreciation. I washed it, blowdried it (on cool of course) and then put in some leave in (LTR) and shea butter to seal in bantu knots.

This morning, I took my hair out and it was beyond fierce! The bantu knots had come out so great that i decided why not dress up to class too? I wore a skirt and some tights and went about my day.

Now its 2 pm and I am in my third class of the day (one at 9:30, and another at 12:30). I just looked in the bathroom mirror. My hair is white with some sort of residue. I'm typing this in class because I am just THAT frustrated. angry9:

Have you ever had a case of residue showing up mid day? Or the case of never-ending flakes? What do you do? What can I do to stop this madness?

It just seems that no matter what I put in my hair, eventually it will turn my hair white or flake up.

Any stories or advice is appreciated. :happy11:


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    it might be that shea butter sitting on top of your leave in.... I cant use shea butter because it does exactly that --- sits and gets white. maybe you could try a different/lighter sealer? I have low porosity, so I suspect thats why it happens to me...whats your porosity like?
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    Gonna agree. You might be using too much shea butter or it might just be too heavy for your strands. For me, shea butter disappears when my hair is wet. But as it dries, it appears as a white film all over the place. Not cool!
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    wow very true!! i didn't think it was the shea butter because i thought it melted well in my hair. that must be the culprit! my hair just doesn't know whether it likes shea butter or not. sometimes its good and sometimes its not. thank you so much!!!


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    Shea butter will generally only cause residue if you use it with products that it's not compatible with. Or rather, with ingredients that don't allow it to be mixed without some type of residue(sometimes you need to use it with a product that is an oil-in-water emulsion, from what I've seen but if you don't know what ingredients are used in that, you won't really know). Or, if it's cold/cool where you are. When it's cold in my house, it can sometimes take a while for shea-based products to penetrate because it's still sorta solid, if that makes sense.

    Here's a funny tidbit of info, I use shea for EVERYTHING. Have a 5lb block. You can always tell what I've touched when it's cold because whatever surface touched has an opaque-ish residue. LOL!

    Just make sure you emulsify the shea a little before you apply it to your hair, and lessen how much you use and see if that helps.
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