In Your Opinion am I Balding? Lots of white Bulbs and Thin

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I've had it in my head that I am balding for a while now, a year or Two. Everyone Tells me my hair is normal and It just looks the way it does because of a Natural part I have developed... My hair has broken off and in my opinion isn't half as thick as it used to be. 95% of my hair is new growth there is still some permed ends on some of my hair in the back that for some reason did not break off.... Also I can see the hair folicles the little white bulbs just sitting in my hair especially around the hairline is this normal I never remember seeing so many little white bulbs just laying around my scalp before...... Before I see the Dermatologist i'd like some opinions.. Thanks

A pic don't know if it's relevant but my hair had not been combed or washed for 2 days in his pic....
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I will respond as I see fit. It should be about freedom to express our opinions, You're free to say what you like as should others. Get a Thicker Skin if no one can disagree with you without you feeling bullied and running to Admin Hellllllpppppp Meeee Adminnnnn Pleaseeee!!!! Smh
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    Looks okay to me but good idea to see a dermatologist anyway. Mixing up the parts is always a good idea.
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    It looks fine to me. I think you should see a dermatologist if it is bothering you though, especially if you are under a lot of stress or have a family history of alopecia.

    BTW, are you sure the white bulbs you are seeing are the hair follicles? It could be a symptom of some scalp condition, not necessarily leading to baldness. Good luck and try not to worry too much.

    I think it is a good idea to get it looked at by a medical professional, rather than just have us speculate. That said, for a wider range of opinions perhaps you could post this over on the non hair board, too.