What texture is my daughter? 3c or 4a?

imbpanamaimbpanama Registered Users Posts: 21
my 2 year old daughter has hair that is straighter in front and tighter in the back. when it is washed and drying the hair looks beautiful. but after a few hours (once the water dries) it puffs up big time. after a few days the hair dries a lot. the products i have tried on the hair work for a few hours then they seem to dry her hair out. i've used curly q's styling lotion. and products from Just for Me. Didn't like that at all.

i think she is a 3c or 4a. there is a spot in the middle of her back that is kinkier (perhaps a 4b). I don't know.

i want a product that will make her curls remain, the hair look moisturized and shiny (like she has just washed it)--something like the "wet look" what products do you recommend?

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