Having a good hhttp://www.naturallycurly.com/curltalk/images/editor/smilie.giair day!

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I bought Cholesterol Olive Oil butter yesterday and Eco Styler Olive Oil. I'm not sure if they're CG because I'm not 100% CG since I use cones (my hair loves cones :toothy10:), but I know that a lot of you use Lustrasilk Cholesterol so... Anyway, I love the results! Used it this morning. My hair is well moisturized and my hair is bouncy and has a lot of movement. I love it! This was a good combination! At first I wasn't going to buy the hair gel, but I'm glad that I did. I think Eco Styler is my new favorite gel. Goodbye Longaid, IC Fantasia, and LA Looks.

Pictures below:



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    Oops. The title is all weird. I don't know how to change it. Sorry!
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    Beautiful!!...you hair reminds me so much of mine, and im almost APL too !!....my hair loves cones too but I use them in moderation (DC)...and co signing on Eco Style, I think it is the best out of all gels, even though I like hair my hair feels without any styling product...
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    Did you DC with the Lustrasilk??

    Anyways, your hair is cute.. nice and curly! :iconbiggrin:
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    BekkaPoo wrote: »
    Did you DC with the Lustrasilk??

    Anyways, your hair is cute.. nice and curly! :iconbiggrin:

    Nope! I just cowashed with Suave and used the Lustrasilk as a leave in (it isn't a DC).
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    I love the curls. they look so springy and shiny.
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