Heat damage update.

MochaTaiMochaTai Posts: 197Registered Users
So I am happy to report that I won the battle! Well, of course I lost a few soldiers (damaged strands and ends). I think I cut a good 2" off mostly in the back where the texture is softer. I thought I would have to BC again but I was in it to wim it. Here's what I did......
1. I steamed by hair by turning on the shower super hot and letting the bathroom get nice and steamy.
2. I soaked my hair and added AOMR condish and sat in the steamy bathroom for like an hour. This is when I could really get an idea of what to cut and what reverted. After cutting, I donned a plastic cap and a hat and went about my daily errands and chores.
3. I rinsed the condish out about two hours later.
4. Next, I twisted my hair with Qhemet Biologics cream and sealed my ends with the castor and moringa softening serum.
5. Each night, I spritzed my hair with distilled water, applied OHHC to my twists and sealed with a tiny bit of shea butter. I applied a plastic cap and scarf and slept with it on. In the moring my twists were uber soft and moist.
6. I also did a hardcore protein treatment about a week ago with Nexxus Emergencee and it was great. I followed it with a super moist deep treatment mask by Aveda and added olive oil and honey to it.

Im happy with my results and I will never straighten my hair again. It just wasn't worth it. I hope this helps others too. I know lately on the board I have been reading about so many losing thier coils due to heat damage and such.


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    i'm happy to read your update! :)
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    I'm so glad you didn't have to BC MochaTai. I HATE reading about heat damage and am so afraid to straighten my hair.
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  • WinonaWinona Posts: 565Registered Users
    Yea... I am very glad you didnt have to BC too. Heat damage sucks. I had to cut off about 3 inches of hair on my front right side from straigtening 1 flippin' time. Never ever again.
  • MochaTaiMochaTai Posts: 197Registered Users
    Thank you all. I got some great advice form the ladies on this board. You should have seen me in that steamy bathroom lol. My gf was like "what the heck is goin' on in there!". I yelled "hair stuff!". There was steam comimg from under the door and it set off the uber sensitive smoke detectors. lol. What a day. But it worked.
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    Glad your hair recovered, Mocha!
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    I'm so glad to hear that your hair didn't suffer too badly. I am really relived for you. I could not imagine going throught that and the panic of it all. You took good care of you hair and nursed it back. This has really made me leery of straightening - EVER!
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