Hooded Dryer vs. Diffuser

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Good morning, curlies!

While I know heat is bad, I have THICK. shoulder length. uber-curly hair that takes forever to air dry. Sadly, I wear my hair in a ponytail or up in a bun every day because I feel uncomfortable showing up at work looking like a wet dog. Waiting for my hair to fully air dry becomes a guessing game. I want my hair styled when I leave the house and looking nice when I arrive at work. Making bathroom breaks to check out how it's settling is annoying.

I'm looking to purchase either a hooded dryer or diffuser this week. My question is, when you dry and style, do you use a hooded dryer or a diffuser on your blowdryer? How often do you put heat on your hair? Any other helpful hints would be appreciated.



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    I rarely if ever use heat on my hair, but when I want my hair to dry quicker I use a diffuser. I let it dry to about 75% and then I let it air dry.
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    When I first went natural, I tried the air dry thing. It did not work for me at all! So I did some research and bought myself a diffuser. Never used one prior. Have not stopped using since! I have very fine 3c hair so when my hair air dries, it looks like a black cotton ball - not cute! I do always use a heat protector (Nexxus Heat Protexx) and dry on low-med heat (never high no matter the rush). With my diffuser, my curls are always very defined and shiny. My hair is actually very healthy and I use my diffuser every to every other morning and as my hair grows, I have no breakage and minimal shedding. I get so excited :hello1:! In doing my research, the diffusers are not a really damaging type of heat b/c of the diffused heat. I also move it around a lot and don't keep it in one spot. It takes a lot of getting used to.
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    Sugarandcurls, do you use the one with the fingers or the flat kind?

    I may try this yet myself though I have 3c and 4a hairs on my head.
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