natural recipes for a moisturizer/pomade?

cerisenoirecerisenoire Registered Users Posts: 16

I've been transitioning for the past 8 mos and have about 2 inches of 4a curls and about 9-10inches of relaxed hair.

I decided it didn't make sense to keep putting chemicals on my head when I've decided to try putting less chemicals in my body! Lately I've been making my own skin and hair products but I still haven't found a recipe that really keeps my hair moisturized.

I've been using a combo of macadamia nut and jojoba oils with EO rosemary and lavendar but, as I recently discovered on here, oils don't necessarily moisturize hair and based on the way my hair feels 2 days after a wash I agree.

Does anyone know of any homemade recipes for a leave in moisturizer that can replace store bought pomades? Or, is there an all natural store bought one someone could suggest?

Thanks!! Any suggestions are much appreciated!!:-o

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