thickening fine natural hair

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So I decided to go natural January of 2008. My last relaxer was thanksgiving of 2007. I never did the BC I just did many cuts and by thanksgiving of 2008 I was all natural.But the problem is my hair is so fine. I guess that that is just my hair. but I want to know if there is any way to get my fine hair to thicken up....I im grateful for my head of hair(love it very much) just would like it to be a little thicker.:love1:


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    You can try some ayurvedic powders and/or castor oil
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    I totally agree with taltal. Ayurvedic herbs, especially Henna, really made a difference in my hair. Don't get me wrong, I still have thin hair, but now its strong and "looks" thicker. HTH!:thumbright:
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    Komaza HoneyComb treatment works! Cocoveda oil may help so will taking biotin.
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    i am 62 and am finally going curly after 50 some years of hair was always thin but now as soon as I stopped torturing my hair (which should make it healthy) it is all falling the shower, can't comb..i am terrified of BALD!! Is this common during transition?
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    @savtah, welcome to naturally curly :)

    Please add some more details so that we can try to help.
    How do you take care of your hair, when did your hair start shedding, (how long after your last straightener), what you have tried to stop its shedding, Is there anything you have changed in general since you decided to go natural ? etc..