Weekly clarifying??

Okay, so if some hypothetical person clarifies and DTs to kick off CG, then proceeds to co-wash 6 days a week and clarify+DT on the 7th day, for a number of weeks, possibly indefinitely, is this still hair-healthy?
If it isn't...Do you have to use sulfate-free shampoo to wean yourself off or can you water down the sulfatey shampoo with water and conditioner till you're off the stuff completely?


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    clarify shampoos can be rather harsh.

    here's what I did, and most of was before I ever heard about cg. I found long hair sites about a year ago and heard they shampooed less frequently. So I knew from experience that I could go 2 days without greasy/itchy scalp, so I started from there, shampooing only every 3 days. I used a BBB before shampooing, for scalp stimulation and to help with itchies and to exfoliate the scalp after a bit, my scalp adjusted, and I gradually moved to 1x a week. After doing that for a while, I easily gave up shampoo all together. But me going pooless had nothing to do with cg, my roots became just very dry, coarse and felt like straw. and I was shedding a large amount whenever I used shampoo

    some people might perfer going cold turkey, but that's just what worked for me.
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    What's bbb?
    trying to find my staples
    Any suggestions on staples and getting my hair to grow longer are greatly appreciated
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    a boar bristle brush, and I only really used it before I showered and got my hair wet and before bed, pretty much at times when I knew no one would see what my hair looked like after brushing
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    Well before starting CG I was a hardcore-straighten-everyday fanatic. I used products loaded with silicones like frizz serums, heat protectant serums etc. I was usually shampooing every 4 to 6 days.
    So I went ahead did a clarifying shampoo, scrubbed it in really well, rinsed thoroughly and then conditioned. (I used V05 Kiwi Lime) I probably should have done a DT afterwards but I wasn't that educated at the time. Anyway from then on, I co washed my hair about everyday. I tried waiting longer between washes but my scalp disagreed everytime. Sometimes I go 2 days between co washes but that isn't the norm. So for me, I guess you could say I quit cold turkey after taking that "one last hit!"

    Oh and one thing I learned was that if I didn't scrub my scalp good enough during co washing, then my scalp would still feel dirty. You'll get used to it and find what your scalp requires. I just scrub like they do at the salon, you know when you get your hair washed and they kinda do a scalp-scrub-massage kinda thing to you.
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