review of Curl Junkie "Curls in a Bottle!"

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I got the sample pack of CJ styling products, and I wanted to post a review of "Curls in a Bottle!", but the product isn't in the Product Reviews section, so I'm going to post it here instead. (Before I move on to my next sample from CJ, and forget!)

Overall, I liked the product very much, although it is just a little bit light for my hair. (Not surprising, since it is designed for use alone on 2a - 3b hiar.) I washed my hair with DC no-poo and conditioned with Deva One. Then, I used *only* Curls in a Bottle. It looks and feels like a light,clear, liquid gel, but also feels lightly moisturizing. When applying it, it didn't feel slippy and creamy like my usual leave-ins, but once I finger-combed it through, my hair felt fine (not too dry.) I could tell it was defining my curls very well, even when very wet. A nice feature -- it dried *much* more quickly than my usual leave-in / gel combo, or heavy curl creams. (Probably because it has less moisturizers.) It dried very crispy, but my curls looked beautiful when scrunched out - soft and silky and shiny and pretty. Overall, very nice. That said, I'm used to having more weight in my hair. While the lightness of this product felt very nice, it also meant that my hair was a little shorter than when I use a heavier product. Not shrunken looking at all, but definitely not elongated either. Also, I'm used to being able to scrunch out my hair before it is 100% dry without any problem, when I use a leave-in or curl cream. Probably because this product is so much lighter, my hair turned frizzy more easily. I scrunched when it was about 90% dry, and got some very frizzy bits -- I think with this product you should definitely wait until it's 100% dry before scrunching. Later in the day, I also wetted a couple frizzy bits and added a bit more Curls in a Bottle to those bits, and it reformed those curls very nicely, and again dried quickly. I like this product a lot, and I'm considering buying it in full size, because I think it would be great to use on busy mornings before work - it would be great to be able to have my hair dry and scrunched out before I left the house in the morning.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts on Curls in a Bottle! If / when I can find the product in the Product Reviews section, I'll move this post over to there.

~ Rhiannon
Curl Type: 3c
Fine, low density, not sure about porosity.

Products / Routine:
Daily shampoo & rinse-out conditioner: Currently using Tresemme Naturals.
Styling: Curls Milkshake as a leave-in conditioner, followed by Curls Gel-les'c (the kids version - it's cheaper) for hold.
Usually I air-dry, SOTC, and fluff from roots, or smooth it down. For faster drying I use a Belvedere salon hood dryer for about 20 minutes.


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