I relaxed my hair....& regret it!!

esmeraldaesmeralda Registered Users Posts: 187
Long story made short:
I have 2c/3a hair, but wanted 2c waves.
My hairstylist used regular relaxer on my spirally curls & left for 5 minutes to loosen the curl.
(5 minutes=half of recommended time)
Now my hair is straight!!

I wish I didnt do it :cry:
What can I do?
2C/3A,jetblack indian curls:)


  • Wicked*RosyWicked*Rosy Registered Users Posts: 138
    Sorry that happened. I had an instantly regretted relaxer done a couple of months back, so I feel your pain.
    Rosy :compress:

    3A/High Porosity/Medium Density

  • esmeraldaesmeralda Registered Users Posts: 187
    Thanks for your replies :D

    It has been a few days now & I can see my hair getting curlier!!YAY!!
    Because they only left it for 5 minutes, maybe it wont be so bad..

    I am NEVER relaxing agian!!
    2C/3A,jetblack indian curls:)
  • ZARIA**ZARIA** Registered Users Posts: 706
    I understand how you feel..This happened to me, I was like WHAT WAS I THINKING? But I am happy I did it because now I never have to wonder how it might look. I am glad to hear your curls are making an appearance again.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Hispanic/Black 3A-B
    Mixed hair: Curls, waves and spirals.
  • dsg-girlycurlydsg-girlycurly Registered Users Posts: 343
    esmeralda: Maybe you can try flat twist, twist outs or straw curls until you get your nappiness back. Are you willing to do a TWA? Your hair must be fine -- 5 minutes with a SUPER perm would not have straighten my napps out (LOL).

    4A&B -- Henna and the entire Essential Balms product line; lately Carol's Daughter honey mimosa & black vanilla leave-in. Staple products are SheaMoisture, Aubrey Organics and Trader Joes Norish Spa conditioner, ACV and IC Fantasia Gel. I'm also Mixtress (I love making my own hair concoctions :glasses9:)

    Be encouraged -- Cuzz Fuzz is what it Duzz!!

  • esmeraldaesmeralda Registered Users Posts: 187
    Hi :D

    I am indian, so my hair isnt in the 4range...
    Think Salma Hayek texture with 2c/3a,thats me.

    5 minutes with a relaxer is enough to loosen the curlpattern on my hair, but I got my curls back!!
    A few days after relaxing it started curling again & I will never go near that stuff again!!
    2C/3A,jetblack indian curls:)

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