diffuse v air dry

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I have a dilemna!
When I use a diffuser I get nice volume and bouncy curls which I love!
But when I air dry, first of all it takes for ever and I look like a wet poodle! My curls are stuck to my scalp and look weird.
whats the best way to airdry? anyone has tricks not to end up with this look?
thank you for your help, I dont always have the time to diffuse.
thank you very much
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    This is a good question. Maybe re-post on the general board - I'd love some good answers to this. (My hair is too short to plop.)
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    I swear by my hard hat hairdryer. I get my hair all scrunched, and roll the dryer up to my computer desk, then sit for 10 to 15 minutes while it drys as I check my email.
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    My hair prefers to have some diffusing also. If I totally air dry, I end up with odd, flattish curls that look almost fake, somehow.
    But I never have time to totally diffuse my hair dry since it takes over an hour to dry and it is only ear length. I cannot plop as my hair is too short. Plopping can really help with setting the curl and shortening the drying time.

    What I do now is put my product in my hair first thing in the morning and then go about my routine for getting dressed, breakfast, etc. I do about ten minutes of diffusing before I put makeup on. Then I let it air dry while I make my lunch. Diffuse for a few minutes, scrunch out crunch. Diffuse for a few minutes, put in a bit of pomade to hold my hair. Diffuse and go. I let it air dry for an hour before I touch it again. I find short, quick diffusing can help speed along my drying time. But I usually leave the house at about 80% dry.
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    OP: when I air dry, my hair can get the wet poodle look too. To avoid this, I lift it at the roots (or else flip it upside down and back again), at the beginning of the process (when it's wet.) That helps just a little bit. But the main thing is that when it's dry (totally or maybe 80 - 90 % dry) you have to really fluff it out. If it's way too tight, then I shake my head upside down. I also scrunch it out, and sometimes just grab handfuls of curls and stretch them out. Once your hair has really dried into it's curls, then I find that you can manipulate them quite a bit without them turning to frizz. (Depending on your hair and your products.)

    But I don't know if there's any way around getting the wet poodle look for a little while, until you scrunch / shake / stretch it out, if you let your hair air dry.
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